A family business, a passion for cloth

Being a new merchant does not mean an ambition to reinvent our trade. Our philosophy is simple, it revolves around quality, service and listening. Listening to our customers and partners to make linen, one of the most ancient fabric on earth, relevant and modern.

We recognise the complex relationship one may have with linen, its casual feel and creases. We understand it will never please everyone, and we love it all the more. Linen is for pleasure. It is a cloth that echoes the kissing sun and the sea breeze of the warmer days. A testament to those souvenirs we all share.

Being new in our trade means we will grow with tailors and brands we admire, and build relationships based on a shared passion for craftsmanship, elegance and pleasure.

- Nathan Hellard
Our collaboration with Terre de Lin guarantees the full traceability of our cloth, from the rolling fields of Normandy to the most expert hands of our Italian mill. We selected our partners for the quality of their craft and their capacity to answer the most demanding requirements.